Medical Records

If you need medical records from The University of Alabama Student Health Center, please complete the medical record authorization form and submit it to Student Health via the following options:

  • Sharon Swindle, RHIT, Director of Medical Records:
  • Tina Hindman, Medical Records Clerk II:
  • Fax to: 205-348-4722
  • Mail to: Box 870360, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487

This release of information form applies only to records kept by The University of Alabama Student Health Center. There is a fee for copies of medical records per the Alabama reproduction and delivery of medical records Section 12-321-6.1. Notary services for copies of medical records are available at no charge to patients.

The Authorization to Disclose Medical Records form (PDF) is used to request disclosures. Please note that it can take up to 72 hours to process a request.

Authorization must be signed. We do not accept digital signatures.

If you have questions, call 205-348-4678 or fax 205-348-4722.

Medical History

Prior to your first visit, you are strongly encouraged to complete the Medical History Form and to download, print and complete the Pharmacy New Patient Information Form These should be brought with you at your first visit to the SHC or SHC Pharmacy.

If you have any illness or medical condition that requires regular treatment or alteration of your life style, please have your treating physician provide pertinent information and guidelines that will allow the SHC to assist our physician to provide continuity of care.