The Department of Health Promotion and Wellness (HPW) collaborates with The University of Alabama students, faculty and staff to promote a healthy campus environment, enhance student well-being and foster student empowerment to achieve optimal health and academic success through seven strategic areas (click the links on the sidebar for more information on each topic!). HPW offers individual and group education on a variety of health topics as well as presentations for student organizations and classes, special health awareness events and resources for students with academic projects. Click the button below to request a presentation!

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Strategic Health Teams

The Department of Health Promotion and Wellness focuses on a wide array of information related to college health, and specifically concentrates to seven strategic areas that have been identified to impact the health and wellbeing of college students. For more information on each of these areas, click the links on the sidebar.

Annual Programs

HPW holds several on-campus and community programs each year. For more information on some of our programs, see below. If you would like to collaborate on any of the events, please contact the event coordinator in the description or Anna Locklier

Wellness Week

Wellness Week is held on an annual basis during the second full week of September. This week focuses on providing students with knowledge of campus health resources, as well as ways to improve their individual health and wellness in ways they may not know. To partner for Wellness Week, contact Brittney Vigna.

Safe Spring Break Health Fair

The Safe Spring Break Health Fair helps students understand strategies to stay safe on spring break. The Safe Spring Break Fair occurs each year on the Wednesday before Spring Break. To become a vendor at the Safe Spring Break Fair, contact Brittney Vigna.

Body Appreciation Week

Body Appreciation Week occurs during the same week as Eating Disorders Awareness Week. UA takes this opportunity to not only educate about eating disorders, but also appreciate our bodies for all that they can do. To partner for Body Appreciation Week, contact Sheena Gregg.

Mental Health Brown Bag Series

The Mental Health Brown Bag Series occurs once each month during the lunch hour. The Brown Bag series focus on a specific mental health topic and are presented by an expert in that respective area. Free lunch is provided!

Project Health Peer Education

Project Health is the go-to source for peer health education on UA’s campus. They provide over 60 hours of on campus programming each week covering health topics that are relevant to college students. For more information, visit their website!

Free Condom Distribution Program

Students are able to access condoms and lubricant for free through HPW’s Free Condom Distribution Program. Click to find specific locations on campus! 


If you are looking for the faculty wellness page, or WellBama, please visit the Office of Health Promotion and Wellness’ page.