The Medical Withdrawal policy of The University of Alabama establishes procedures to follow when a student suffers from a physical, emotional or psychological condition that significantly impairs their ability to function successfully or safely as a student. The policy is primarily administered by the university’s Student Health Center (SHC).

The University of Alabama Medical Withdrawal Policy

Medical Withdrawal

Students wishing to pursue a medical withdrawal must first submit a standard term withdrawal. Medical withdrawals are governed by the Medical Withdrawal and Return to Campus Policy. Please note that there is no differentiation between how standard and medical withdrawals are noted on a student’s transcript. Students should only consider pursuing a medical withdrawal if 1) an existing medical condition prevented a student from completing a standard withdrawal at the time the condition began, or 2) if a medical condition that began at an earlier point in the semester is the reason the student is seeking to withdraw from classes.

If you wish to pursue a medical withdrawal, please first carefully review the Medical Withdrawal and Return to Campus Policy. Following review of the policy, it is your responsibility to contact the Student Health Center (; 205-348-7164) and notify that office of your intent to pursue a medical withdrawal.


The following forms must be used for the respective request: