If I visit a health care provider at SHC, how will the charges appear on my account?

All visits are confidential. SHC charges, including co-payments, are posted to your account using general, nondescript terms, such as “Student Health Center Co-Payment,” or “Student Health Center Pharmacy Charge,” etc. These terms protect your right to privacy as a patient.

May I pay for my visit when I come in?

We do not accept payment. Any charges that do occur are put on your student receivables account. Students Receivables will bill you at a later date.

Once I graduate, may I still be seen at the SHC?

No. You must be enrolled as a student to be eligible for treatment.

If I receive my annual gynecology check-up at another facility, may I get my prescription for BCP filled at the SHC pharmacy?

Yes. Our pharmacy offers a variety of BCPs at discounted prices.

What can I expect when requesting testing for Sexually Transmitted infections or HIV?

The testing for these services are done by an outside reference lab. This will mean that you could receive a bill for this service from the lab reporting the testing.

Depending on the tests requested and performed your insurance may not cover the billed charges for the testing. We cannot ascertain whether a test will be covered or not prior to performing the test. If your insurance determines that the test is not covered, you will be billed directly by the lab for up to $500 (depending on which tests are performed) in addition to the cost of the office visit that is billed by the SHC.

If you are unsure that your insurance will cover the testing, or you do not wish to pay out of pocket for the testing, you do have the option to go to the Alabama Department of Public Health for Testing. The ADPH provides free STI screening for the most common diseases.

The Alabama Department of Public Health for Tuscaloosa County is located at 2350 Hargrove Road East, Tuscaloosa, AL 35405, and can be reached at 205-562-6900.

If you still wish to see the SHC provider for these services you are acknowledging that you understand that you could be responsible for the entire bill, that includes the SHC office visit charge as well as the charges billed to you directly by the performing testing facility.

Do you treat children of enrolled students?

No, we do not. Our specialty is the college-age patient. Our medical professionals are experienced and trained to focus on the health needs of University of Alabama students.

Does the SHC have a dentist and an optometrist?

No, we do not. If you need the name of a dentist or optometrist, we can provide you with a referral.

How do I communicate a comment, complaint, suggestion or concern to the staff?

You can call the quality improvement coordinator at 205-348-3877 or fill out the patient satisfaction surveys.

If I decide that I want to purchase the student insurance policy available at the University, what options do I have for paying the premium?

You may pay the premium either annually, quarterly. Spring and summer terms are available.

If I purchase annual insurance coverage and graduate from the University prior to the last date of coverage, will I be covered after graduation?

No, coverage ends upon graduation however, a continuation plan is available upon request.

Is it possible for me to insure my spouse and my children?

Yes, you can purchase coverage for your spouse and your children. However, we do not treat spouses or dependents at the SHC.