What information do I need in order to pick up my medication?

In order for a student to pick up medication they must present their Action Card along with their student identification number. For controlled medications, the student must have their social security number or driver license.

Do I pay for my medication now?

The SHC Pharmacy forwards all charges to the student’s account, unless the student would prefer to pay with a Flexible Spending Card.

Will the pharmacy notify me when my prescription is ready?

The pharmacy can text or email notifications if the patient’s cell phone number or e-mail is on file with the pharmacy. If you expect a prescription to be ready and have not received notification, please call us to check on it.

Can I purchase Over-the-Counter products in the Pharmacy?

Yes, we carry a limited supply of commonly used over the counter products.

How can I request a prescription refill from the pharmacy?

If refills are available for a prescription, they may be requested by phone at 205-348-6276, by our app or online at the Refill Request page.

Can my friend or roommate pick up my prescription?

Yes. Your “friend” must present your ACTion card, their own ID, and a note giving your consent to fill and pick up the prescription. If this is not possible, call the Pharmacy ahead of time to get approval by phone.

Can I have my medication sent to the SHC Pharmacy?

No. SHC Pharmacy cannot accept any medications filled by another pharmacy and mailed to our pharmacy.

Can I have the pharmacy hold my prescription until I need it?

Yes our computer system is able to store your prescription until you are ready to have the medicine filled.

Can I refill my prescription elsewhere once it has been filled at the SHC?

Yes, just have a pharmacy call us and we will transfer it to them.

Can my doctor call in a prescription for me?

Yes. Providers may call, fax, or e-scribe a new prescription to our pharmacy.

How can I find out what pharmacy charges have been billed to my student account?

Patient printouts may be picked up by the patient at the pharmacy with photo ID. If the student is unable to come in person, reports may be accessed through the patient’s Online Patient Profile or requested through Medical Records at 205-348-1253. The pharmacy will not release information over the phone or via e-mail.